Janmashtami Festival Live Celebration and Live Darshan in Dwarkadhish Temple Devbhumi Dwarka Gujarat India

Krishna Janmashtami or the birth of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth, is observed on the eighth day of the dark half (Krishna Paksha) of the month of Bhadrapada according to the Hindu calendar. Janmashtami celebration in Dwarka is very special. Dwarka, means ‘Door to Moksha (Salvation).’ Lord Krishna with his elder brother Balram established this ancient city.

The celebration of Janmashtami in the main Dwarkadhish temple is very famous in India. Devotees from all over India throng the city of Dwarka during Janamashtami.Dwarka which is the place where Krishna was born celebrates this festival in a big way. There are hordes of visitors who flock this city to witness and take part in the celebrations. The city is decorated and the people sing Bhajans praising Lord Krishna. People light up their homes and celebrate Krishna’s birth in a grand manner. Women prepare special food items and make offerings to the Gods also. Sri Krishna was particularly fond of butter and milk items and so women prepare sweet dishes made using milk and Ghee. Many people observe a fast also on this day. 

In Dwarkadhish mandir Sector 12, Dada Dev mandir, Sai Mandir Sector 22 and Golak Dham, the celebration was full of activities in which children, women and artists from the community performed. Besides cultural and religious performances, bhandaras were also organized at some places.

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