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About Ganesh Visharjan


Ganesh Chaturthi festival is ends with the visharjan of the Ganesha idols in water.Ganesh Visharjan ceremoney normally takes place on the Ananta Chaturdashi day,which falls twelve days after the ganesh chaturthi day. Ganesh Visarjan is of great importance in the Hinduism.This is one of the most popular festivals in the Country.Ganesh Visharjan is generally celebrate on 12th day known as Anant Chaturdashi but some people do ganesh visharjan one and half day ,three days,five days,seven days and eleven days.

Ganesh Visarjan is of great importance in the Hinduism. Ganesh idol made up of clay is immersed into the water which gets unformed into the water. It means that everything in this world would be unformed a day (Moksha or liberation). The process of getting formed and unformed goes forever as a never ending cycle (means Chakra). Every year Ganesha come to make us sure about the Supreme Truth of life.During Ganesh Visharjan Procession men, women and children danced enthusiastically to loud music and the beating of the dhols (drums). Bursts of Gulal (powder colours) streamed up in quick successions, infusing the devouts with the spirit of the occasion.Peolpe croud 'Ganpati Bappa Morya'.

Ganesh Visharjan Whats app Status-Facebook Sms

Vakra tunda maha kaya suryakoti samapraba
nirvignam kurame deva sarava karyashu sarvada.
Happy Anant chaturdashi and Ganesh Visharjan

Tumha Sarvana Anant Chaturdashichya
Hardik Shubhechha
Ganpati Gele Gavala
Chain Padena Amhala.
Happy Ganesh Visharjan and
Anant Chaturdashi

Tujhko Phir Se Jalwa Dikhana Hi Hoga,
Aur Agle Baras Jaldi Jaldi,
Ana hi ana hi hoga.

Gajanana Shri Ganaraya
aadi vandu tuj Moraya
Happy Anant Chaturdashi....

Tujhko Phir Se Jalwa Dikhana Hi Hoga,
Aur Agle Baras Jaldi Jaldi,
Ana hi ana hi hoga.
Happy Gansh Visharjan..

Gajanana Shri Ganaraya
aadi vandu tuj Moraya.
Happy Anant Chaturdashi...

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