Randhan Chath Vrat Date Year2016 to 2021-About Randhan Chath Vrat-Whats app Sms-Facebook Sms-Pictures

Randhan Chath Vrat Date Year2016 to 2021

Randhan Chath Vrat Date Year 2016: August 23 Tuesday
Randhan Chath Vrat Date Year 2017: August 13 Sunday
Randhan Chath Vrat Date Year 2018: September 1 Saturday
Randhan Chath Vrat Date Year 2019: August 21 Wednesday
Randhan Chath Vrat Date Year 2020: August 9 Sunday
Randhan Chath Vrat Date Year 2021: August 28 Saturday

 About Randhan Chath Vrat

Randhan Chhath is a Important Hindu Festival of India. It is observed on the previous day of Sheetala Satam in Shravan month according to  Gujarati  Calander. Actually it is not any vrat day, but it is the preparation day for Sheetala Satam Vrat. On this day women cook many foods for Sheetala Satam.

Randhan Chhath is not a ritual but is a preparation day for the Shitala Satam day. No food is cooked on Shitala Satam, people eat only what is prepared on Randan Chat.Every Women Observe RandhanChath Vrat.On this Day every women reading Randhan Chath Vrath Katha Story and doing a Pooja for Gas Stove.

Food items that are prepared on Randhan Chath are those that will stay for 24-hours. All women in the family participate in the cooking. Some people opt for spicy and fried  Recipe.People make Dhebra,Puri, Pakode,Kheer,Handhavo and many Spicy Recipe.

After the cooking is over on Randan Chat, the earthen hearth is cleaned using cow dung. The ash remains in the hearth.

Randhan Chath Vrat Katha 

Randhan Chath Whats app Sms-Facebook Sms

We wish u happy Randhan chath pooja to all.
Chhath maiya ki jai,
Maa sabhi ki wish and manokamana puri kare.

 Randhan Chat festival is one of the Great Festival
Chati Maiya apram parrr hai,

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