Raksha Bandhan Special Types of Rakhi-Rakhi Thali Decoration-Mantra

The name 'Raksha Bandhan' suggests 'a bond of protection'. On this auspicious day, brothers make a promise to their sisters to protect them from all harms and troubles and the sisters pray to God to protect their brother from all evil. The festival falls on the Shravan Purnima which comes generally in the month of August. Sisters tie the silk thread called Rakhi on their brother's wrist and pray for their well being and brothers promise to take care of their sisters.

 Raksha Bandhan Special Types of Rakhi



 Shree - Om Rakhi : Rakhis containing "Shree", "Om" and "Swastika" signs are also quite popular. Such rakhis give a religious tinge to the festival.

Cartoon Rakhi :These rakhis are a hot favorites for kids. Popular cartoon characters are etched on these rakhis.

Gold and Silver coated Rakhi : Rakhis coated with silver and gold are expensive but they look royal. At times these metals are also used in the different shapes like flowers, Indian Gods and Goddesses and even beads while preparing the Rakhis.

Musical Rakhi: A special music wafts out of a musical rakhi. This music may be melodious, surprising or even some animal's voice. These Rakhis are in a great demand nowadays.

Sandalwood Rakhi : These rakhis are made by using sandalwood pieces in various decorative forms. It gives an ethnic touch to your rakhi. The smell of sandalwood adds that extra freshness to the celebrations.

Zari Rakhi : These Rakhis are made of Zari threads. Apart using the zari as thread it is also used in making the base of the rakhi. The zari is generally silver or golden therefore it appears shiny.

Stones Rakhi : These rakhis have pieces of precious and semi-precious stones embedded into them. Rakhis decorated with various glittering stone pieces look splendid.

Resham Rakhi :
They are made of resham threads. They are soft to touch and bright in appearance. Be it a simple dori or a heavily embroidered one, resham rakhis are liked by every age group.

Beads Rakhi : The Rakhis that have beads embedded into their threads or embedded on top of the Rakhi base in the middle of the Rakhi thread are put into this category. Such Rakhis give a unique tribal appearance.

Floral Rakhi: Floral rakhis never grow outdated. Flowers have a timeless appeal. They look traditional. Flowers of different colors and shapes make the rakhis appear even more beautiful.

Rakhi Thali Decoration

Rakhi Thali Decoration Ideas


With the rakhi, diyas, roli (paste to be applied on brother's forehead, as a ritual) swastika sign, traditional sweets, and idol of the deity you believe in remaining constant; you can decorate the thali with many different ways. Here's how:

Floral Thali: Decorate the thali with fresh and colourful flowers (buds or petals). You can either fill it whole with flowers or can have them decorated on the boundaries. The thali can also be decorated only with banana or beetle leaves (beetle leaves are considered auspicious).

Dry-fruits Thali: Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, chestnuts, cocoa nut, pistachio etc can be used in a decorative way. You can also use the dry fruits to create different designs.

Roli-turmeric Thali: Give the thali a traditional look by using theturmeric and Roli, in thick liquid form and decorate the thali. Mix a little water in powered form of both and create different patterns.

Sandalwood Thali: Swab sandalwood paste with water over entire thali. After it is dry, make an auspicious Swastika with Roli (Red kumkum) at the center of thali.Decorate the space between Swastika with yellow petals of marigold, and the entire swastika with a boundary box of rose petals. Circle edge boundary of thali with rose petals.Decorate the thali fringe with satin, beads and tassels.Place beetle leaves at the centre and on four sides of the thali. Place roli, Rakhi, akshat and sweets on all four beetle leaves. Place the diya on the center beetle leaf.Decorate the space between beetle leaves with dry fruits.You Thali is ready for Rakhi tying ceremony.

Raksha Bandhan Rakhi Mantra


"Yen Baddho Bali Raja,Dan Vendro Mahabalah !
Ten Twamanubandhami , Raxe ma chal ma chal."

Meaning : While tying of thread, chanting the above given mantra is considered auspicious. It says that, the protection thread which was used to tie the mighty demon, Bali, i am tying you the same protection thread, this thread will keep you safe.

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