Nag Panchami Festival-Nag Panchami Date Year 2016 to Year 2021-About Nag Panchami-Rituls-Mantra

Nag Panchami festival falls on the fifth day the waxing moon in the month of Gujarati month Shravan.According to Gregorian calendar  Nag Panchami celebrated in month of July/August.Here is Nag Panchami Festival Date of year 2016 to year 2021 and other Information.

Nag Panchami Date Year 2016 to Year 2021

Nag Panchami Festival Date Year 2016 : Aug 7 Sunday
Nag Panchami Festival Date Year 2017 : Jul 27 Thursday
Nag Panchami Festival Date Year 2018 : Aug 15 Wednesday
Nag Panchami Festival Date Year 2019 : Aug 5 Monday
Nag Panchami Festival Date Year 2020 : Jul 25 Saturday
Nag Panchami Festival Date Year 2021 : Aug 13 Friday

About Nag Panchami

India has a strange association with snakes.While certain regions of the country consider the reptile an ominous sign, others worship the cobra as a deity.The festival celebrated in honour of the erpent God or Naag Devtais called Naag Panchami.Live Cobras or their images are worshipped on this day.

Not every Hindu celebrates this festival, though this is one of the important festivals of the Hindu religion.The festival is especially dedicated to the Anant Naag or the Shesh Naag, who comforts the protector of the entire existence, Lord Vishnu.It is on the fifth day of the bright half of the month of Shravan that Naag Panchami,the festival of snakes, is celebrated.It usually falls in late July or early August, going by the Gregorian calendar.

Snake worship basically owes its origin  to man's natural fear of the reptile.Worshippers search for holes where snakes are likely to be found, then they make periodic visits to these holes, placing near them milk,bananas and other food that snakes might fancy.

Nag Panchami Ritul

The ritul of not tilling the land on Naag Panchami has its roots in the legend that on this day, while tilling his land, a farmer accidentally killed some young serpents.The mother of these serpents took revenge by biting and killing the farmer and his family, except for one daughter, who worshipped snakes.This act of devotion resulted in the revival of the farmer and the rest of his family.

Nag Panchami Mantra


Sarve Nagaha Priyanta Me Ye Kechit Pruthavitale !
Ye cha helimarichistha yentare divi Sansthitaha!!
Ye Nadishu Mahanaga Ye Saraswatigaminh !
Ye cha vapitdageshu Teshu Sarveshu Vai Namah !!

Meaning: May the snakes who are staying in this world, sky, heaven, sun-rays, lakes, wells, ponds etc. bless us and we all salute them.

Anantam Vasuki Shesh Padmanabham Cha Kambalam!
Shakhapalam Dhrutrashtram Taxakam Kaliyam Tatha !!
Etani Nav Namani Nagana Cha Mahatmanam !!
Sayakale Pathennityam Pratahkale Visheshatah!
Tasya Vishbhaym Nasti Sarvatra Vijayi Bhavet !!

Meaning: The names of nine Nag Devtas are Ananta, Vasuki, Shesha, Padmanabha, Kambala, Shankhapala, Dhritarashtra, Takshaka and Kaliya. If chanted regularly every day in the morning, will keep you protected from all evils and make you victorious in life.

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