71th Independence Day Celebrations-Flag Hosting-Live Celebration

The Independence Day of India is celebrated on the 15th of August to commemorate the birth of a free and democratic nation. On the eve of 15th August 1947, the Indian flag was unfurled proudly by Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, at the Red Fort in Delhi.Every parts of India and every people of India celebrated 15th August as a National festival.The Independence Day is celebrated in a mood of abandon and joy-without any rituals, only festivities prevail.It is also a national holiday, with educational institutions, private and government organisations remaining closed, but for official celebrations in the morning.Patriotic songs like “Vande Mataram” and “Jana Gana Mana” are sung and start off any musical concert or programme.Schools and collages mark theday with culctural activities and programe,drills,flag hosting and distribution of sweets.

The Prime Minister's address and the march-past are relayed live on national television.In cities,one sees a sudden burst of saffron, green and white, the Indian tri-colour.The media goes to town with a veriety of contests, promotions and programmes related to Indian independence.

Television channels show patriotic movies and relentlessly play  patriotic songs from old and new Hindi movies.Billboards on roadsides for different brands, pay their tribute to the national.Cars and other vehicles are also seen sporting miniatures of the national flag. Independence Day has also given way to the trend of sporting theme wristbands, badges, stickers and flagpins. The air is charged with the mood of festivity.

Independence Day Celebration of Red Fort Delhi

Independence Day is celebrated with big passion in the Capital of country on 15th of August where the prime minister of India hoists the Indian flag on the Red Fort, Delhi. After the flag hoisting, National Anthem song is sung and twenty-one gun shots are fired to salute and honor the Indian flag and solemn occasion. After that, the Independence Day parade starts.

PM Narendra Modi's Speech on Independence Day of India

Independence Day Live Celebration on Delhi Click Here

Flag Hosting

"Under this flag, there is no difference between a prince and a peasant, between the rich and poor, between man and women"- Mrs. Sarojini Naidu

Preamble of the Flag Code of India says that: " The significance of the colours and the chakra in the National Flag was amply described by De. S. Radhakrishnan in the Constituent Assembly, which unanimously adopted the national flag Dr.S. Radhakrishnan explained-

"Bhagwa or the saffron colou denotes renunciation of disinterestedness.Our leaders must be indifferent to material gains and dedicate themselves to their work.

The whote in the center is light ,the path of truth to guide our conduct.

The green shows our relation to soil, our relation to the pllant life here , on which all other life depends."

 "The Ashoka Wheel in the centre of the white is the wheel of the law of dharma.Truth or satya,dharma or virtue ought to be the controlling principles of those who work under this flag.Again, the wheel denotes motion.There is death in stagnation.There is life in movement.India should no more resist change, it must move and go forward.The wheel represents the dynamism of a peaceful change."

On 15th August 1947, partition of the country took place creating separate Pakistan.India adopted the tricolour of orange, white, and green with a blue Ashoka Chakra at the centre.Unofficially this tricolour had been the flag of the Indian National Congress.The orange colour represented Hinduism, the green colour-Islam and the white colour represented peace.

There was a blue spinning wheel in the centre, which represented Gandhiji's call for economic self-sufficiency through spinning manually.

Prime Minister of India hosting the national flag, and pays his homage to the freedom fighters and address the Nation.In all other states, governor hoists the flag.Children are brimming with enthusiasm on this day.Early in the morning, they sing patriotic songs and present skits and dramas based on the freedom stuggle.
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