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The main Attraction of the Puri Rath Yatra festival is Three Chariot of Lord Jagannath Ji,Lord Balbhadra and Subhadraji.Rath Yatra festival is also known as Car Festival. Rath Yatra Festival is celebrated in the month of Asadha, on the second day of the lunar fortnight that falls during month of June-July. 

The chariots are an architectural marvel.The three chariots used for the annual Puri Jagannath Ratha Yatra are newly constructed each year. A particular family of carpenters owns the hereditary right to construct the chariots. The construction of the chariots begins on the Akashya Tritiya day, which is around three months before the actual Ratha Yatra day.Here is Some Information about Three Chariot of Puri Rath Yatra.

Lord Jagganath 's Chariot


Chariot Known as: Nandighosa
Presiding Deties: Lord Jagannath
Hight: 45 Ft,6 Inch or  13’.5m
Wheels: 16 wheels measuring six feet in diameter.
Chariot Colors: Yellow and red
Length and breadth: 34’6” x 34’.6”
Total Number of wooden pieces used: 832
Horse Color: White
Charioteer: Daruka
Guarded by: Garuda
Flag Name: Trailokyamohini
Rope calld: Sankhachuda
Presiding Nine Deities:
Varaha,Gobardhan,Krushna, Gopi Krushna,Nrusingha,Rama,Narayan,Trivikrama,Hanuman,Rudra

Lord Balabhadra's Chariot 


Chariot Known as: Taladhwaja
Presiding Deties: Lord Balabhadra
Hight: 45 Feet or  13.2 m
Wheels: 14 - seven feet diameter
Chariot Colors: Green and Red
Length and breadth: 33’ x 33’
Total Number of wooden pieces used: 763
Horse Color: Black
Charioteer:  Matali
Guarded by: Basudev
Flag Name: Unnani
Rope calld: Basuki
Presiding Nine Deities:

Subhadraji's  Chariot


Chariot Known as: Debadalana
Presiding Deties: Devi Subhadra
Hight: 44 Feet  6" or  12.9 m
Wheels: 12 - seven feet diameter
Chariot Colors: Green and Red
Length and breadth:  31’.6’’ x 31’.6’’
Total Number of wooden pieces used: 593
Horse Color: Black
Charioteer:  Arjuna
Flag Name: Swarnachuda
Guarded by: Jayadurga
Rope calld: Basuki
Presiding Nine Deities:

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