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Navratri Festival is one of the Important and great Hindu festival celebrated whole  India. Navratri festival is dedicated to worshiping Goddess Durga for nine days.Nvratri festival is celebrated every year month of  September-October.Here is we serve Navratri festival Whatsapp Status Sms, Navratri festival Facebook Status Sms,Navratri festival Text Sms, Navratri Festival Quotes,Navratri Wishes,Navratri Greetings,Navratri Screps.

Navratri Festival Whatsapp Status Sms-Facebook Status Sms-Text Sms

Today is first Navratra.
May Goddess Durga  give ,
prosperous to you and to your family. 
May her Blessings be always with you.
HAppy Navratri...

With a plenty of peace and prosperity.
May your life be filled with the happiness on
this pious festival of  Navratri,
HAppy Navratri.... 

Wish to Godess Durga that,
Remove your all trobles and sorrows. 
Brings nine colors hapines in your,
Life and  all your wishes come true. 
HAppy Navratri..

Colourful ceremony seemed.
Colorless for me and sweet music of festival,
Became dull and solemn in your absence,
Missing you on HAppy Navratri..

Dandiya Raas filled with a lot of fun,
The festivities of Navratri have begun,
May you be blessed with peace and love,
By Goddess Maa Durga,
from Heaven above.,
HAppy Navratri...

Feast and have fun
The dandiya raas has begun
Maa is blessing us through
A very HAppy Navratri and Durga Puja to you..
HAapp Navratri...

Navratri Festival Quotes

Mata ke derbar me hum seb agyan hai. Mata ki deya se hum seb me piyar hai. Mata ki deya hum seb per sawen ke badlo ki trha berse yhi mera wisvas hai. 

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu , Shakti Rupen Sansthita, Namastesyei,Namastesyei,Namastesyei Namo Namah.

Celebrate this season with cheer A lot of blessings to you this year Enjoy this Navratri! With smiles and revelries.

May this Navratri, Maa Durga fulfill all ur dreams & bring happiness to your life

Best wishes to you and your family on this Navratri. May this celebration bring good things to your home.

Navratri Wishes

May This Navratri be as splendid as ever. 
May this Navratri move joy, illness as well as resources to you. 
May a legal holiday of lights lighten up,
We as well as your nearby as well as dear ones lives.
Wising you HAppy Navratri..

Fast to them is a denial of the
Physical needs of the body,
It means to attain spiritual gains
Besides blessings of the Mother Goddess
Wish you a  HAppy Navratri..

May Your Family Be Blessed With Love,
Grace And Prosperity Of Goddess Durga.
Let Us Share Our Joy And Fun.
Wish You A HAppy Navratri

Jagat Paalan Haar Hai Maa,
Mukti Ka Dham Hai Maa,
Hamari Bakti Ke Adhar Hai Maa,
Ham Sab Ki Raksha Ki Avatar Hai Maa.
Wishing Yoa HAppy Navratri

I wish you  Happy Navratri and
I pray to Goddess for your prosperous life.
May you find all the delights of life,
May your all dreams come true.

Navratri Greetings

Navratri Screps

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