Navratri Festival Celebration in Different States of India-Gujarat-Maharashtra-West Bengal-Karnataka-Himachal Pradesh-Andhra Pradesh

The Navratri festival is celebrated all over India but in different ways. The most flamboyant and renowned Navaratri celebrations can be seen in western India, throughout the state of Gujarat and in Maharashtra. In West Bengal, Navaratri and Dussehra are celebrated as Durga Puja.Here is Some Information about Navratri festival Celebration of Indian different states.

Navratri Celebration in Gujarat

The Most famous Navratri celebrations are held on the western states of India(Gujarat and Maharashtra) in the form of Dandiya and Garba dances.In the time of dancing the dancers are moving around circle , with different steps around a lamp, which represent the Eternal Light of the Durga Mata.Generally Gujarati women dance around the circles by clapping their hands or decorated sticks to the rhytham of the devotional songs.After worshipping ad 'Aarti', 'Dandiya raas ' is performed all through the night.

Navratri Celebration in West Bengal

In West-Bengal , Navratri is the real lyris of the Bengali life.This festival is eessntially religious in
nature.It is celebrated with true devotion.In the time of Durga Puja huge idol of the Mata Durga posed as killing the demon Mahishasura are worshipped in everywhere of the state.Huge 'pandals' are set up every where to worship Durga Mata(Goddess Durga).The tenth day is devoted to the worship of goddess Durga.She is Shakti ,the cosmic energy that animates all beings.Beautiful idols of the Mother Goddess are worshiped in elaborate pandals for nine days, and on the nine day these are carried out in procession for immersion(visarjan) in a river or pond.

Navratri Celebration in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra , Navratri celebration is slightly different than other states.Here Navratri are dedicated to Goddess Durga while the Vijayadashami is dedicated to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.This day is considered auspicious to begin education, buy new homes,start new ventures, and weddings.


Navratri Celebration in Himachal Pradesh

Navatri celebrations in Himachal Pradesh take place on the tenth day of the Navratri. Unlike the rest
of the states, the celebrations in Himachal Pradesh starts when it ends for others. It’s known as Kullu Dussehra marking the return of Load Rama to Ayodhya. During the nine days of Navratri, local Hindu families have get-togethers and show their respect to Goddess Durga.

Navratri Celebration in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh 



In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, women arrange ;Bommai Kolu', a special placing of dolls in various costumers decorated with flowers and ornaments on specially prepared steps.Nine young 'kanyas; or virgins are offered new clothes and sweets as the goddess and married women share flowers,kumkum and snacks among themselves.  

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