Dussehra Festival(Vijayadashami)-Dussehra Festival Date Year 2016 to Year 2021-About Dussehra Festival-Dussehra Story

One of the major festivals celebrated in most parts of India is Dussehra.It starts from the first day of the bright fortnight after mahalaya Amavasya around September -October , culminating on Dashmi tithi(Day of ten).Dussehra is also called Vijayadashami and is celebrated as victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahisasura. Here is Dussehra Festival Date of Year 2016 to Year 2021 and many information.

Dussehra Festival Date Year 2016 to Year 2021

Dussehra Festival Date Year 2016 : Oct. 11 Tuesday
Dussehra Festival Date Year 2017  :Sep 30  Saturday
Dussehra Festival Date Year 2018 : Oct. 19 Friday
Dussehra Festival Date Year 2019 : Oct. 8 Tuesday
Dussehra Festival Date Year 2020 : Oct. 25 Sunday
Dussehra Festival Date Year 2021:  Oct. 15 Friday

About Dussehra Festival

The festival of Dussehra is celebrated for ten days in the month of Ashvin, or Ashwayuja as per the Hindu lunar calendar (September or October) from Shukla Paksha Pratipada, or the day after the new moon which falls in Bhadrapada, to Dashami, or the tenth day of Ashvin.The day culminates a nine day fasting period of Navratri in the Hindu culture.

The festival is celebrated with zest and festivities as it also marks the beginning of the winter season after the long, unbearably, hot summer.Dussehra marks the victory of Rama over the  demon king Ravana and the rescue of his wife, Sita.In Nirth India , gigantic effgies of the ten-headed Ravana, his brother , Kumbhakarna and son Meghnand are set aflame amidst bureting of crackers.Fairs are usally held on this occasion with lots to eat, buy an enjoy.

Dussehra means the Tenth Day, being the tenth day of the bright half of Ashwin.This day is also known as Vijayadashmi.(Vijay means victory and ashami being the tenth day), commemorating Rama's victory over Ravana.

Dussehra Festival Story

There are two Story about Dussehra Festival.One says that this day celebrates the victory of Durga over the demon mahishasura.The other story tell us that Rama prayed to Durga for help to defeat the demon king Ravana, who was the king of Lanka.

Kausta, the young son of  Devdatt. a Brahmin was living in the city of paithan.After studying under the guidance of Rishi Varatantu , he insted onj the guru accepting a present or gurudakshina.Initrially the guru refused but later asked for 140 million gold coins, one hundred million for each of the subjects taugh.The obedient student went to King Raghu to ask for the money, as trhe king was renowned for his generosity.Within three days, the king made the God of Wealth, Kuber, make a rain of  gold coinbs near the shanu and apti trees.After giving the promised amount to the guru Kausta  distributed the rest of the coins among the needy on the day of Dussehra.Even today , in Ayodhya , the capital of King Raghu, people loot the leaves of the apti trees and present them to each other as 'sona' or or gold.

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Dussehra Festival(Vijayadashami)-Dussehra Festival Date Year 2016 to Year 2021-About Dussehra Festival- Story 


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