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Durga Puja is great Hindi festival of  India.Durga Puja festival is commemorated by worshipping Goddess Durga., and the victory of the revered warrior Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. The dates of Durga Puja celebrations are decided according to traditional Hindu calendar and generally fall between the months of September to November according to the Gregorian calendar.Here is Some Information about Durga Puja festival Dates of Year 2016 to year 2021 and many more.

Durga Puja DatYear 2016 to Year 2021


Durga Puja Date Detail of Year 2016

30th September 2016
Kalash Sthapana
1st October 2016
6th October 2016
7th October 2016
8th October 2016
9th October 2016
10th October 2016
11th October 2016

Durga Puja Festival Date Year 2016:  Oct 1 to Oct 11
Durga Puja Festival Date Year 2017:  Sep 26 to Sep 30
Durga Puja Festival Date Year 2018:  Oct 14 to Oct 19
Durga Puja Festival Date Year 2019:  Oct 3 to Oct 8
Durga Puja Festival Date Year 2020:  Oct 21 to Oct 26
Durga Puja Festival Date Year 2021:  Oct 11 to Oct 15

About Durga Puja


Durga Puja is the favourite festival of the people of West Bengal.This festival is celebrated for nine days all over India,though with differing rituls.It is also called Navratri in some parts of the country.Durga puja is celebrated in the September/October. According to the Hindu solar calandar, it falls on the first nine days of the month of Ashwin. It is the time of the year when the weather is at its moderate best, giving the air a festive touch.

It is belive that in ancient times, a demon called Mahishasura earned the favour of Lord Shiva after long meditation and prayers.Shiva, pleased with the devotion of the demon, blessed him with a boon that no man or God would be able to kill him.Empowered with the boon, Mahishasura started killing people mercilessly and even drove the gods out from heaven.The gods then told Shiva about the atrocities of the demon.Angered by this, Shiva opened his third eye and concentrated the energy coming out of it to from a woman.All the gods who were present there contributed their share of energy to this goddess and thus Durga was born.

Riding a lion , she attacked Mahishasura and beheaded him.Ironically perhaps, Mahishasura may have founded the Durga puja when upon lrarning of his impending denise at the hands of the goddess he, as his last wish, asked the goddess that he too might be worshipped along with her.The goddess granted his wish and since then, the demon is seen at her feet in there of her forms.

Durga Puja Celebration 


Peolpe worship the ten-armed goddess of fertility and the third embodiment ofthe Devi, Durga.It was Durga who vanquished the buffalo -demon Mahishasura.

Durga Puja is celebrated in most house holds a part from the gaily-decorated mandaps or temporary structures that are erected in almost every locality.It us a common belief that Goddess Lakshmi brings peace and prosperity to the house holds that celebrate this festival.People strongly believe that if Ma Lakshmi becomes chanchala or unhappy with a certain household, she tries to leave the place, leaving the owner of the house in a financial mess.

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