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Parshuram Jayanti Date2016 to 2021 


                                          ' Agratah chaturovedah prushthatah sasharam dhanuh |
                                       Idam braahmam idam kshatram shaapadapi sharaasdapi ||'

Meaning: Knows four Vēdās by heart, means has full knowledge of them. Has arrows and bow on the back, means has valour; which also means has both, radiance of Brahmā and of Kshatriya. Shri Parashuram will defeat anyone that opposes him, either by a curse or by shooting an arrow. 

Parshuram Jayanti is Celebrated Birth Anniversary od Lord  Parshuram.Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated on the 3rd day of the bright half of Vaishakh month, also known as Akshayy Trutiya(eternal third), because of the belief that the merit obtained by good acts on this day is permanent.Here is Parshuram Jayanti Date 2016 to 2021 according to English month Calander .

Parshuram Jayanti Date 2016: Sunday 8th May 2016
Parshuram Jayanti Date 2017: Friday 28th April 2017
Parshuram Jayanti Date 2018: Wednesday 18th April 2018
Parshuram Jayanti Date 2019: Tuesday 7th May 2019
Parshuram Jayanti Date 2020: Saturday 25 April 2020
Parshuram Jayanti Date 2021: Friday 14th May 2021

About Parshuram Jayanti 

Parshuram is known to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was the son of Raja Prasenjit’s daughter Renuka and Bhrigu dynasty’s Jamdagni. Parshuram was devoted to Lord Shiva.Parshuram Jayanti   is also known as Parshu Rama Dwadashi and people fast on this day to be blessed with a son. According to Varah Puran, by keeping a fast on this day, the devotee enjoys his stay in Brahmiok and will be reborn to become a great king.Parshuram Jayanti is known as Aksay Tritya.

Parashu means axe and Parashurama – the axe wielding Rama. The sole aim of his incarnation was to get rid of the corrupt ruling class and restore Dharma on earth. Parshuram Jayanti festival falls on the same day with Akshaya Tritiya.
Parshuram is believed to be Lord Vishnu’s sixth incarnation. According to religious texts, he was born on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya, which is also celebrated as the day of his birth. Observing fasts and other religious works have been the trademarks of this day for centuries. According to beliefs, he defeated Kshatriyas a number of times. He was born to free the world of Kshatriyas’ pride. Parshuram was taught by Dronacharya.

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