Simhastha Kumbh Mela (Fair) Ujjain Madhya Pradesh

'The holy bath of the Kumbh is equal in piety to thousands of Kartik snans (baths), a hundred Magh snans and crores of Narmada snans. The fruits of a Kumbh snan are equal to the fruits of thousands of Ashvamedh Yajnas and lakhs of journeys around the earth'.      - Skanda Purana 

Mela, a congregation of devout people at a sacred site forms a vital part of the piligrimage traditional of Hinduism.Celebrating a mythological event in the life of  a deity or an auspicious astrological period, the meals attract enormous numbers of pilgrims from all over the country.The greatest of  these, the Kumbh Mela , is a riverside festival held four times every twelve years, rotating from Allahabad at the confluence of the rivers Gangas, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati, to Nasik on the Godavari , to Ujjain on the sipra , and Haridwar on the Gangas.

This time Kumbh Mela is being commended in Ujjain. It will be then ever. Over Millions of individuals are relied upon to take part.Bathing in these rivers during the Kumbha Mela is consideredd an endeavour of great merit, cleansing both body and spirit.

Two tradition are prevalent regarding the origin and schedule of the festival: one of that stems from ancient texis known texts known as the Puranas, and the other considerations.Accordding to the puranic epic, the gods and  demon had churned the milky ocen at the beginning of time in order to gather various divine treasure including a jar containing gods and demons began a terrific battle for its possession.During the battle, which according to some legends the gods won by trickery, four drops of the precious potion fell on to the earth.These place became the sites of the four kumbh Mela festivals.

This year the shahi-snan in Shipra river Ujjain will commence from April 22 to May 21.Ujjain is located at the bank of Shipra River in western region of Madhya Pradesh and is seen as one of the most sacred places in India. The city is enriched with several religious shrines such as Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir, Mahakaleshwar, Vikram Kirti Temple and many more.When Jupitar is in Leo and the Sun is in Aries, or when Jupiter, the Sun , and the Moon are in Libra during the Hindu month of Vaisakha (April-May) 1980,1992,2004,2016 and next is 2028.As many 5 crore devotees are expected to visit holy land for the biggest religious congregations.All the 13 Akharas of seers will take bath one after another for which elaborate arrangements were made along the banks of Shipra river. At the time of Shahi Snan (royal dip) in Shipra river, 25,000 security personnel will keep a watch at the Mela venue,” Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ujjain Range.Sadhus of various sects from across the country assemble in Ujjain. Holy men mingle with ordinary people as they take their ritual dip in the holy waters of the Kshipra.

The commemoration of Mela at Ujjain is known as ‘Simhastha Kumbh Mela’ in which the unique combination of divinity and purity is experienced when the crowd of ash-dubbed sages, priests, devotees gets fused together with the roaring of elephants and camels. People from different places and various walks of life come to Ujjain to immerse themselves in holy Kshipra-the enhancer of life, with only one ambition of attaining salvation (Moksha).The Nagas (sanyasis of Shiavite cult) and their shahi snan in Kshipra when they are hundreds in number, is an important occasion which is the major attraction of Simhastha. The Nagas are one of the significant branches of Sanathan dharma’s cultural legacy. Their akharas (wrestling arenas) are rare and invaluable proof of their zeal that has kept the practice alive over the centuries, till date. It is an unusual sight to witness the shahi snan when the Nagas show up in their rustic appearance donning the attire of dhooni, rudraksh and vairagya and decorated with weapons, to take bath in the holy river.

How To Reach Kumbh Mela (Fair) Ujjain


By Road: There are many public and private vehicals available to reach Simhastha or Kumbh Mela (Fair) Ujjain .You can take a bus from Ujjain to Gwalior (464 km), Jaipur (482 km), Ajmer (471 km), Nagpur (543 km) and Indore (77 km). Buses and taxis are easily available to commute within Ujjain.

By Rail : Ujjain has his own Railway station.The train service can also be quite convenient for the travellers, as the Ujjain railway station is not far away from the main city. Local means of transport—such as autos, buses and cabs are easily available at the station.

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in Indore.Indore airport is 57 far from Simhastha or Kumbh Mela (Fair) Ujjain.The Indore Airport is well connected all major parts of the country by regular flight and buses and taxis from the Airport to Ujjain are easily available.

Nearest Hotels of  Simhastha Kumbh Mela (Fair) Ujjain

Mhastha Kumbh Camp Ujjain
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V,Resorts ,Ujjain
Phone: +918130777222

Shipra Residency
MP Tourism
Phone: 1800 233 7777

Hotel Avantika
MP Tourism,Ujjain

Rudraksh Club and Resorts
Phone: 7024353535,9109106326

Anand Palace Hotel
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Anjushree Inn Hotel
Phone: +91 9977700111

Gujarat Heritage
Phone: +91 9907300757

Meghdoot Hotel
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OYO Rooms At Hari Phatak

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