Paryushan Parva Celebration

Paryushan Parva Celebration

The ‘Paryushan Parva’ celebrated annually for self-purification and uplift is meant to adhere to the ten universal virtues in practical life; and leads us on the right path, far from the mad strife for material prosperity, which ultimately leads us to our true destination i.e., salvation. Two popular titles of this festival, viz.  ParyushanParva and Dash Lakshan Parva are in vogue; but the mode of performance and aim of the festival is same. According to Sanskrit grammar the underlying idea of the festival and its interpretation is given below :

“Parismantadushayante dhante karmani yasimannasau paryushnm”

i.e., The celebration through which the karmic matter attached to the soul is totally burnt or vanquished (both internally and externally) is known Paryushan i.e., self-purification.

Various meaningful and sublime titles have been assigned to this festival in different Jain scripture; e.g.,

Parva Raj : The festival which carries a special and greater significance; its celebrations spread over a longer duration and it is more soul-stirring than any other Jain festival.

Maha Parva:  It is an ancient and chief of all Jain festival.

Dash Lakshan Parva : The festival is the observance of ten universal virtues; viz., forgiveness, contentment, and celibacy, which aim at the uplift of the soul and are vividly preached and practiced during the festival.

Paryushan Parva  : The festival through which an attempt is made to put an end to all vices, passions and lustful desires in thought, speech and deeds.

Paryu-Prasa : The festival in which one meditates upon the inherent virtues of the soul in thought, speech and action; or one attains peace of soul i.e., celestial peace.

Paryupshamn or Pajjusvana :  The festival in which an attempt is made to obtain peace discarding all passionsand lustful desires through various means; and observe harmony in the soul through the study of scriptures.

Pajjushana : This word of Prakrit language carries the same meaning as explained in Paryushan Parva.

Samvatsari Parva :  The festival which is celebrated annually to subdue all passions and lustful desires. This title is popular to the Swaitamber sect of Jainism.

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