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About Paryushan

Paryushan Parva, the monarch of all Jain festivals, is celebrated by spiritual seekers around the world to experience deep connection, devotion, inner-cleansing and great spiritual elevation. Parvadhiraj Paryushana, this festival has the highest power of doing auspicious to the worshippers. This festival takes the soul to the upper condition. It lights the lamps of life i.e. pious life. This festival also shows the path of salvation. It is compared with water works through which one can clean one's soul from the dirt of Karmas. This also makes the sinful persons pious and virtues. The souls which are already aware about the merits and sins, can do their duties, but those people who are still passionate towards worldly pleasures become aware of new motivation. So this festival is celebrated. Besides assuring a blissful existence in this world and the other world for every living being, it aims at the attainment of salvation - the supreme ideal for mundane soul. The non-Jains also express high reverence for this Jain festival.

All members of Jain community- high and low, young and old, and males and females, participate with full vigor and zeal in the various religious rituals and cultural programs. They listen with rapt attention to the holysermons of the saints and learned Jain scholars arranged during the ten-day festival.

In these celebrations lie dormant the seeds of the well being, peace and happiness of the common man. On the eve of this festival all activities, which add to social discord or bitterness are declared taboo from the temple pulpits. These celebrations harbinger social harmony and amity and preach the lofty Jain motto ‘Live and Let live’.

Significance of Paryushan Parva 

In Jainisim, fasting is considered as a spiritual activity, that purify our souls, improve morality, spiritual power, increase knowledge and strengthen relationships. The purpose is to purify our souls by staying closer to our own souls, looking at our faults and asking for forgiveness for the mistakes and taking vows to minimize our faults. Also a time when Jains will review their action towards their animals, environment and every kind of soul.



Paryushan Date 

Paryushan in 2016-Aug 28
Paryushan in 2017-Aug 18
Paryushan in 2018- Sep 7
Paryushan in 2019- Aug 27
Paryushan in 2020-Aug 16
Paryushan in 2021-sep 4

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Paryushan Parva Celebration

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