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Gudi Padwa is the Marathi name for Chaitra Shukla Pratipada.Gudi Padwa is celebrated mark a new year according to hindu Calender.Gudi Padwa also known as "Ugadi" in Telugu.Gudi Padwa is celebrated with lots of Joy and Happiness throughout the country. Especially in Maharashtra Gudi Padwa has a great importance. Every Marathi family including those who have migrated to Maharashtra celebrate Gudi Padwa with their family. During this festival people share one another Gudi Padwa Whatsapp sms,Facebook sms,Text Sms,Greetings,Wishes,Quotes,Wallpapers,sreps and many more.Here is great collection of  Gudi Padwa Special Whatsapp sms,Facebook sms,Text Sms,Gudi Padwa Marathi Sms,Gudi Padwa Text Sms,Gudi Padwa Quiets,Gudi Padwa Wishes,Gudi Padwa Greetings,Gudi Padwa Wallpapers and Gudi Padwa Scraps. So you Can download it and Share to your friends,relatives and well wishers.

Gudi Padwa Whatsapp Sms-Facebook Sms-Text Sms

Lets come together to have a resolution to spread
Love and Peace in Lives on this Honorary Day…
Happy Gudi Padwa

Sweet and Sour
Here i’m Wishing you Luck
in Every aspect of life
This Gudi Padwa and always,
Happy Gudi Padwa.

Wishing u  &
Ur family a “Happy” & wonderful “GUDI PADVA“

Memories of moments celebrated together..
Moments that have been attached in my heart, forever..
Make me Miss You even more this Gudi Padwa.
Hope this Gudi Padwa brings in Good Fortune &
Abounding Happiness for you!
HAPPY Gudi Padwa

Hope This Gudi Padva May
Bring You Happiness,
Prosperity And Wealth.
From The Deep Of My Heart,
I Wish You And You Family,
Happy Gudi Padwa
And Happy New Year

Gudhi Padva is a symbolic festival that pronounces
life as neither completely sour nor completely sweet.
Let this Gudhi Padva usher in a fruitful life.

Gudi Padwa Marathi Sms

Swagat nav varshache,
Asha aakankshache,
Sukh samruddhiche,
padata dwari paaul Gudhiche
“Happy Gudipadwa

Gudhi Ubharu Pragatichi, Thodi
Palvi Premachi, Vastra Levuni
Samadhanache, Swagat Karuya Nav
Varshache, Nav Varshashya Hardik
Shubheccha. Happy Gudi Padwa.

Chitrachi Soneri Pahat
Navya Swapnachi Navi Lat
Nava Armbha , Nava Vishvas
Navya Varshachi Hich Tar Khari Survat
Gudi Padvachya Hardik Shubhechha!

Ubhara Gudhi aaplya daari
Sukh samruddhi yevo ghari
Padwyachi navi pahaat
Gheun yevo sukhachi laat
Happy Gudi Padwa

Naxidar kathivari Reshmi vastr,
Tyachyavar chandicha lota,
ubharuni Marathi manachi GUDHI,
Sajra karuya ha Gudhipadwa!
Nutan Varshachya Hardik Shubheccha

Gudi Padwa Quotes

On this auspicious occasions of Gudi Padwa may you be endowed with Happiness, Health & Wealth. Happy Gudi Padwa!

May Lord Ganesha wish you with peace,prosperity, and all the happiness in the world!Have a blesses Gudi Padwa.

May each day of this New Year be as bright and beautiful as this Rangoli.Happy Gudi Padwa

May Gudi PAdwa, the festival of purity and prosperity, bring a kalash full of joys,riches, and blessing to you!

Yugadiya Bannagalu Baraly ,he Varusha Nimma Bhalali Masadiraly Yendendigu he Hrudaya Rangoli.

May this year brings you Success and a Lot of Love and Happiness Happy Gudi Padwa May this year brings you Success and a Lot of Love and Happiness Happy Gudi Padwa.

Gudi Padwa Wishes

Best wishes for the New Year!

Hope the new year has all the Colors of Happiness & Laughter. Happy Gudi Padwa!

May this New Year brings in Happiness and prosperity in your family. Happy Gudi Padwa

On this auspicious occasions of Gudi Padwa may you be endowed with Happiness, Health & Wealth. Happy Gudi Padwa!

Raise the Gudi, join your hands pray to God. He understands live each day to the fullest. May this Padwa bring nothing but the best...

Gudi Padwa Greetings

Gudi Padwa Wallpapers

Gudi Padwa Scraps

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