Chaitra Purnima-Full Moon Day-Legend-Significance-Hanuman Jayanti Festival

About Chaitra Purnima


Chaitra Purnima is Full moon day of Gujarati month's day known as Maha Chaitra Purnima and Hanuman Jayanti.Generally this day  is known as Chaitri Purnimi in South India .It is celebrated every year with great devotion and faith.Many auspicious festivals and rituals are observed on this day. Hanuman jayanti or Hanuman Vijayotsavam is celebrated on this day. Hindus consider purnima day as auspicious. People keep fast on this day according to their parampara. Lord Satyanarayana vrat or fast is observed on this day.People Observed a Vrat and fast on this day.Chitra is one of the few asterisms represented by a single star and is one of the brightest stars in the sky. Superficially, Chitra means “artful.” The Sanskrit word “Chitra” also means “illusory, visually exciting, or magical.” In keeping with its name, its symbol is a bright and shining jewel.

On this day Chitragupt, the assistant of Yamaraj, maitains the recirds of births and death in the whole world, is worshipped. It is Chitragupta who also maintains the accounts, of our good and bad actions in this world, and we are rewarded or punished accordingly hereafter. At Kanchipuram, near Madras, the image of god Chitragupta is taken out in a procession and the devotees have a holy dip in the River Chitra flowing down the nearby hills.

The worship and prayer offered to Chitragupt, the chief scribe of Yama, reminds us of the gods, high above, keeping a watch on our every action and maintaining a record of it. It helps us in self-analysis and maintaining good conduct so as to reap good rewards and avoid punishment after death. It also reminds us that a sin can be forgiven if one repents sincerely, vows not to repeat it, and prays to the Lord with penitent heart, devotion and intense faith.

The deity is also invoked in a metal or earthen pitcher filled with an elaborate ritual. Chitragupta literally means a "hidden picture" and it is he who presents a true picture of our actions after death.

This occassion falls on the full moon day on the Chithirai Natchathiram. It is celebrated at night with the Swami Porappadu.

Legend of Chitra Poornima


According to Vedic tradition, Brihaspati is the guru, or preceptor, of Lord Indra, the King of the Gods.

While Indra was on the pilgrimage, one day he suddenly felt that the load of sins had been taken off his shoulders at a place near Madurai in South India. After investigation, Indra discovered a Shiva linga there. Indra attributed the miracle to this linga and immediately constructed a temple on the site. When Indra proceeded to worship the linga, Lord Shiva magically created golden lotuses in a nearby pond. Indra was greatly pleased and blessed. The day on which Indra worshipped Shiva was Chitra Poornima. 
Once, Indra disobeyed his Guru, and so Brihaspati, in order to teach a lesson to Indra, temporarily gave his advisor role to Indra. During the Guru’s absence, Indra did many evil deeds. When Brihaspati resumed his duty, Indra wanted to know what he should do to expiate the wrongs he did in his Guru’s absence. Brihaspati told Indra to go on a pilgrimage.

Significance of Chaitra Purnima

Chitragupta, who is the scribe of Yamaraj is known for counting the number of births or deaths in a year. He also keeps a record of our good and bad deeds. After our death, we are rewarded or punished depending on Chitragupta’s records.

This festival is quite important for Hindus because it is a time to rectify our words and actions and eliminate negative deeds. Devotees also pray to God for forgiveness for their past sins, so that they can move towards a life of righteousness. The day of this festival also coincides with Hanuman Jayanti and thus it is very auspicious.

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