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Amarnath Yatra(Journey) Date-About Yatra


"Om Trivyank yjamahe sugandhi pushti vardhanam
Urvakikmav vandhana- mrityo murshie mamtaat"

Holy Amarnath Yatra will start on July 2 to begining 48 days.Amarnath Yatra is every year start about July-August Month.

One of the most important religious events, falling during the month of July-August, is journey of Amarnath, a holy piligrame.This is an annual event when thousands of Hindus from not only India, but also different parts of the world visit Amarnath caves.The piligrams trek from Pahalgam to these caves to offer their worship to the great ice Lingam.

Legend has it that Shiva recounted to Parvati the secret of creation of the lingam in a cave , in Amarnath.Unknown to them , a pair of mating doves eavesdropped on this conversation between Shiva and Parvati, and having learned the secret, are born again and again , and have made the cave their eternal abode.Many piligrims report seeing the doves-pair when they trek  the arduous route to pay obeisance before the ice-lingam (the phallic symbol of Shiva).
This is an event you certainly will journey (Yatra)  to talk about for the rest of your life.July is time for the annual Amarnath , one of most sacred and popular pilgrimages of the holy snow-clad cave shrine of Lord Shiva , in the beautiful northern Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir .Amarnath situated at an altitude of 3880 metres in the southern Kashmir Himalaya is considered one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimages.

For yatra Registration You need to apply in advance so that you could get Darshan ticket as earliest as possible.
You also need to carry Medical certificate for amarnathji Darshan by an authorised doctor.
" With many Amarnath-bound pilgrims losing their lives due to health problems, the board managing the yatra has decided that devotees will now onwards produce a medical certificate at the time of registration.

Amarnath Yatra Day To Day Itinerary 


Amarnath Yatra is one of the well known Yatra devoted to the Lord Shiva or Mahadev located at the height of around four thousand meters on the Amar Nath Mountain in Jammu & Kashmir. The Yatra of Amarnath is popular pilgrimage site for Hindus from the old days which is reported to be around 5000 years old. About 400,000 faithful devotees make their Yatra to Amarnath every year during the festival of Shravan Mela in June to August.There are several mythological stories related to Amarnath Yatra. According to one of the mythological tales of Amarnath, it is here in the cave of Amarnath Lord Shiva revealed the secrets of immortality to his wife Parvati and therefore that place was named Amreshwar and has become the a sanctuary of Hindu community. Amarnath Yatra attracted the tourists mainly for the Darshan of ice Shiva Linga along with two other ice formations representing Shri Ganesh and Mata Parvati.

Multiple Routes of Amarnath Holy Cave Yatra


Though the holy pilgrimage to Baba Amarnath is one of the toughest Yatra of spiritual tourism of India, still the devotees of Amarnath flock to this holy cave every year in lakhs and lakhs. Broadly speaking there are generally three routes that take the tourists to this holy place of Amarnath out of which two are from roadways and one is by airways i.e by helicopter.




1. Jammu - Pahalgam - Amarnath Cave


Jammu to Pahalgam is about 315 Km that can be covered by the conveyance of Taxi and Buses. The Government of Jammu & Kashmir has provided the facility of running Taxi and Buses from Raghunath Bazaar early in the morning but the visitors can also come to Jammu by air and then move Pahalgam. So, the holy Yatra of Amarnath starts from the first route of Pahalgam located at a distance of 96 Kms from Srinagar situated on the banks of Lidder River surrounded by the natural beauty of valleys and mountains. The important destinations covered under this route are Chandanwari 16 Kms away from Pahalgam, Pissu Top, Sheshnag second day’s trek of 12 Kms from Chandanwari, Panchtarni, and finally the Holy Cave Shri Amarnath.

2. Jammu - Baltal - Amarnath 


This is another route trek to reach to Amarnath from Jammu with a total distance of about 400 Kms. It is here on this trek route the visitors experience Jammu & Kashmir as a heaven or a paradise on earth while passing through the natural bounty of beautiful valleys, steeped mountains that make Amarnath Yatra memorable throughout the lifetime. The important destinations covered under this route are Udhampur - Kud - Patnitop - Ramban - Banihal – Kazi Gund - Anantnag - Srinagar - Sonamarg - Baltal. The width of the pebbled road is somewhat narrow in comparison to Pahalgam route.

3. Helicopter Route To Amarnath


The holy Yatra to Amarnath glamoured the tourists when they are moving by helicopter passing through the tremendous wilderness, mountain and rambling forest. We are one of the best service providers with exciting helicopter rides to Amarnath. We are the best in market for helicopter Amarnath Yatra. Our helicopter services start from Sonmarg Baltal to Amarnath and Panjtarni to Amarnath.

Major Tips For amarnath Yatra


A.Preliminary activities

1. Improve Your Physical Fitness


As Amarnath Yatra involves long distance of walking, so it is advisory to start preparatory morning / evening walk of about 4 - 5 Kms per day at least a month before the actual date of Yatra. This will make your Yatra smooth and trouble-free as your body already accustomed with long walking. Apart from walking, daily massage of body with mustard (sarson) oil or body oil and bathe in the lukewarm water helps your body to become flexible and you will not feel tired. This will also reduce the effect of sudden change in temperature & climate to a large extent.

2. Improve your Breathing Efficiency 


As you walk through the trek, you may face the scarcity oxygen; that is why it is advisable to increase your body efficiency of oxygen through deep breathing exercise or through Yoga exercise like Prana Yam.

3. Useful Things to Take Along


You have to trek through high mountains like Pahalgam to Chandanwadi with an average walking distance of 4 hours; Chandanwadi to Sheshnag with a walking distance of 5 to 6 hours; Sheshnag to Panchtarni with a walking trek of 6 hours; and Panchtarni to Baba Amarnath Cave that finally takes 5 hours. While passing through these treks you may face number of problems like unpredictable climate that may change abruptly from sunny weather to rain and snow, the temperature may fall even up to (-5) degree C! So, prepare yourself by taking the essential belongings before departure.
i) Carry dry fruits, baked grams, biscuits, sugar, candies, chocolates, milk powder, assorted dry fruits, pickles, honey, lemons and tinned foods or any small food materials suiting your palates.
ii) Trekking Bag
iii) Water bottle, spoons, tumblers, saucers and plates
iv) Sweater and other woolen clothing
v) Wind shield
vi) Monkey cap (that covers head and ears)
vii) Muffler
viii) Gloves
ix) Raincoat
x) Warm clothing (preferably many layers)
xi) Torch light
xii) Stick
xiii) Trekking shoes
xiv) Waterproof Shoes
xv) Sleeping bag (The tents normally give these also)
xvi) Keep the weight of the bag as less as possible to make a more comfortable trek.
xvii) Keep cold cream or Vaseline with you to protect skin from cold winds

B.Precauyion During Amarnath Yatra


During Shri Amarnath Yatra, you must follow the instructions issued by the Yatra Administration. However, the following points are essential to remember.
i) Always keep a slip in your pocket with your Name, Address and the name of accompanying Yatri.
ii) You can hire registered ponywalla, porter, dandyman available for prefixed tariffs.
iii) If you hire ponies to carry your luggage and eatables always get in touch with them to avoid inconvenience.
iv) Have you heart the story of Hare and tortoise? So, move slowly and steadily, as this is an arduous pilgrimage and maintain discipline.
v) You must carry sufficient money for your accommodation at Pahalgam and to meet other requirements.
vi) All medical facilities are provided free of cost but it is advisable to use personal medical kit.
vii) Perform Yatra with a pious mind and keep enchanting “Om Namah Shivay” all the way.
viii) Keep your clothes and eatables in plastic bag to avoid the things being drenched during the rain while moving onward to Pahalgam.

Amarnath Yatra Rought Map




First Look of Lord Amarnath

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