Valentine's Day Celebration Different Contries of World

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Valentine Day is Celebration all over world in 14th February Every Year. Cultures around the world have put their own spin on Valentine's Day traditions.Many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation for the people they love or adore. Some people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at a restaurant while others may choose this day to propose or get married.Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday in many countries, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.Many countries have their own particular traditions and customs on Valentine Day.Here is Some Information about How to celebrate Different Countries  of world Valentine Day.

Valentine's Day Celebration United Kingdom

Valentine’s cards are often sent anonymously in the UK, a tradition dating back to Victorian times. So the recipients find out they have secret admirers while the senders satisfy themselves with the knowledge that the ones they admire know they’re admired. Various parts of the country have their own ways of celebrating: in Norfolk in the west, a mysterious Jack Valentine knocks on people’s doors and vanishes, leaving sweets for children. In Wales in the east, Valentine’s Day comes just a few weeks after St Dwynwen’s (January 25) after the Welsh patron saint of lovers.

Valentine's Day Celebration Australia

During the Australian gold rush period, miners who were suddenly in possession of money from the
new-found wealth of the Ballarat Mines were willing to pay a princely sum for elaborate valentines and merchants in the country would ship orders amounting to thousands of pounds at a time. The most extravagent Australian valentines were made of a satin cushion, perfumed and decorated in an ornate manner with flowers and colored shells. Some might even be adorned with a taxidermied humming bird or bird of paradise. This treasure, contained within a neatly decorated box, was highly valued, being both fashionable and extremely expensive.
Valentine's Day Celebration Japan

In Japan the celebration of Saint Valentine’s gets as sweet as a chocolate! Girls give the traditional “Giri Choco”, (chocolates with no romantic association but obligatory to give on that day) they're only given to their male friends, colleagues or even bosses. If they want to show another kind of “affection” they will include a handmade gift plus the “Honmei Choco”.  But wait.  Males don't get off the hook so easy!  A month later on March 14th, boys have to return the gift with chocolates and more…this day is called “White Day”.
Valentine's Day Celebration United States
In the United States of America, there have been many varieties of cards given over the course of the years, some of which have often been rude or even quite cruel in their humor. In the times of the Civil War, cards were flagged with rich colors accompanied by patriotic and/or political motifs. Early American valentine cards were especially lithographed and hand-colored, beautiful and distinctive in design, produced with intricate lace paper and decorated with such ornaments as beads, sea shells, cones, berries and all manner of seeds. Cards were also available decorated with seaweed or moss, in addition to dried and/or artificial flowers, all of which were attached to a string which was pulled and could then be suspended, thereby creating a three-dimensional picture. Many early American cards were imported from abroad, given the poor quality of American paper at the time which was not particularly suitable for embossing. Today, American children usually exchange valentines with their friends and there may even be a classroom party. 

Valentine's Day Celebration France

Actually, one of the weirdest habits came from France. Valentine’s Day was the day of freedom for women because they were able to dissolve their marriage or even to cheat on their husband without any consequence. Moreover, the husband must put a good face on it. 

Valentine's Day Celebration Philippines

One Valentine’s Day tradition that has become increasingly popular in the Philippines is the mass wedding
celebration, which brings together hundreds of couples in large, open spaces across the country to be married in a colossal public ceremony. Around 4,000 couples were married in Valentine’s Day mass wedding ceremonies.

 Valentine's Day Celebration Italy 

Originally, Italians celebrated Valentine’s Day as the Spring Festival. The young and amorous gathered outside in gardens and tree arbors to enjoy poetry readings and music before taking a stroll with their beloved.
Today on Valentine’s Day Italians prefer having romantic dinners and exchanging gifts. Also, there is a tradition of giving chocolate to loved ones and Italians believe that in this case, size does matter- the bigger the chocolate, the stronger the love you will have.
Valentine's Day Celebration China
In recent years, February 14th has started to become a Hallmark holiday in China too. Speciality chocolates,
fancy dinners and flowers are the gifts of choice. But while both men and women make special gestures for their loved one, data shows that women put more effort into the holiday. While Cupid's commercialization is growing in China, the country also has a more traditional holiday related to affection.
A once-traditional holiday celebrating loyalty and individual skill, the Qixi Festival in China has become the closest thing to a national Valentine's Day. The festival originated from an age old tale of two lovers, Zhin├╝ and Niulang, who were the weaver maid and the cowherd, respectively. It in August (the seventh day of seventh lunar month).
The popularity of the festival has been on the decline in recent years, prompting businesses to spruce up interest. Many stores will sell chocolates, flowers and small gifts around the festival. While many enjoy celebrating the holiday, others see it as mere commercialization of a Chinese tradition. 

Valentine's Day Celebration Germany

Valentine's Day celebration was initially restricted to adults but the youth and the kids became an integral part of the occasion. Gifts like cards, chocolates etc are exchanged between friends and lovers like in other countries. Interestingly, they have brought pigs into the celebration. For them, pigs represent luck and lust, and so it is given in the form of pictures, statues, sweets etc.

Valentine's Day Celebration South Korea

In South Korea, like Japan, women give chocolate to men on February 14. And men give non-chocolate candy to women on March 14, also known as White Day. But what if you don’t get a gift? South Korea has more realistic twist on the holiday with its April 14th "Black Day." If you did not receive a gift in return, singles are supposed to go Korean restaurants to eat black noodles and lament their lack of love. 

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