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Valentines Week is a special week for love birds around the globe as they celebrate each day before Valentine day with happiness and love. Here we have presented below Slap  Day of valentine Week.Slap Day is one part of Valentine's Day. Slap Day is celebrated on 15th February worldwide during the eightth day of Valentine week.However it is not essential to be violent and actually slap the person. The idea of Slap Day is to 'slap' the unnecessary ties or a relation that you have been in. It is to slap the painful relationship you have been through.people who love to celebrate this day are very much enthusiastic thinking about the celebrations.  Here is put Some Slap Day Facebook Sms and Facebook Picture Sms,Slap Day Whats App Mobile status Sms so you share and download this sms to your friends,lovers and relatives.

Slap Day Whats App Status Sms2017

Roses are red, Violets are blue, 
Sugar is sweet and so are you. 
The Roses are wilting, the violets dead, 
the sugar bowls empty and 
so is your head. 
Happy Slap day 2016

Look at yourself in the mirror 
And slap yourself hard. 
And you will realize the pain you 
had given me throughout. 
Happy Slap day 2016

On this day let us not slap 
the person but“slap the ties”.
You can send a 
“slap card” or a “slap email”.
Happy Slap Day2016

Slap Day is here.. 
You slap your old boyfriend
and break all ties.
Happy Slap Day

Slap Day Facebook Sms2017

This is the best excuse for,
 if you slap someone in the face,
just say ‘I didn’t slap him, 
I high five his face’
Happy Slap Day2016
14 Feb Valentine's Day
15 Feb Slap Day
16 Feb Kick Day
Happy Slap Day2016
Slap Day Picture Sms2016-Greetings2017

Slap Day Screps2017

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