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Chocolate Day Coming Date2016

Chocolate Day is one day of among Valentine Week of Valentine Day festival.Chocolate Day is coming Coming on 9th February in 2017 and every Year.

About Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is third day of Valentine Week.The best day to gift Chocolates to your partner or lover.Chocolate is one of the world’s favorite flavors, possibly THE most loved taste across 7 continents. This magic bean has been consumed by humans from as far back as 1900 BC, and was an integral part of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations and culture. Europeans combined it with milk and sugar, and with the Industrial Revolution and mass production, the modern era of chocolate began.Chocolate Day is everyone’s favorite day as everyone likes to get and gift the bunch of chocolates to their loved ones, friends, valentines and etc. Mostly it is celebrated by the youths of the country by gifting chocolates to each other.At this special day everyone become indulge in buying bunch of chocolates from the local candy stores or bakeries to gift to their most loved ones. Chocolate Day celebration gives everyone a reasonable reason to gift and consume nice and tasty chocolates.

While most of us don’t need a special day to indulge in the rich creamy glory that is chocolate, International Chocolate Day gives us just one more reason to consume this delectable confection in copious quantities. It is celebrated mostly by individuals, local candy stores and bakeries, independent chocolatiers and large candy corporations. It is marked by a profusion of delicious recipes all over the internet, from a 15-minute chocolate milk pudding to extravagant meringues, pies, layer cakes, souffl├ęs and mousses. Everyone shares everything chocolate, and food bloggers in particular usually have a field day around this time, reviewing the best desserts in town and fondly reminiscing on their classic home-cooked favorites. Candy stores and bakeries hold chocolate festivals, inviting customers loyal and new to sample the delights of their kitchen. Mass producers like Hershey, Nestle, Cadbury, and organizations like the National Confectioners Association also take the opportunity to celebrate what is a huge industry all over the world. Exclusive manufacturers like Ghirardelli, Godiva and Neuhaus capitalize as well, with large-scale festivals and events for producers and consumers of this scrumptious pleasure food.

 Chocolate Day Whats App Sms2017

‘Love is like a chewing gum, 
It tastes only in the beginning! 
But friendship is like chocolate, 
It tastes till it ends!’ 
Happy Chocolate Day

Lovely chocolate n Lovely u,
And Lovely are the things you do,
But the loveliest is the friendship of the two,
One is Me and Other is u!
“Happy chocolate day” 

I Searched Many Shops To ,
Buy the Best Chocolate for you. 
But I Didn't Find Any Chocolate Sweeter 
Than you and your Smile.. 
Happy Chocolate Day.

U r unique U r caring and 
U r the Best. And I am the 
luckiest to have u my Love! 
Happy Chocolate Day! 

Lovely chocolate n Lovely u,
And Lovely are the things you do,
But the loveliest is the friendship of the two,
One is Me and Other is u!
Happy chocolate day.

Chocolate Day Facebook Sms2017

Love Is Like A Chewing Gum,
It Tastes Only In The Beginning!
But Friendship Is Like Chocolate,
It Tastes Till It Ends!
Happy Chocolate Day...

My dear valentine,
You are so sweet like a chocolate,
You are so soft and silky like a chocolate,
You are as natural and pretty as I can keep you in my heart always.
Happy chocolate day…

Dairy milk makes a chocolate,
Elaichi enhances its flavour,
Valentine day celebration,
Enhance closeness between two people,
And it’s you my dear, who fragrances my life.
Happy chocolate day…..

You Entered My Life
Like A Hot Chocolate Fudge,
Lets Enjoy The Rest Of It
Together Before It Melts Or How About
This Kitkaty Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day Greetings2017

Chocolate Day Images2017

Chocolate Day Screps2017

‘Love is like a chewing gum, it tastes only in the beginning! But friendship is like chocolate, it tastes till it ends!’ Happy Chocolate Day

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