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Cheti Chand Festival is very important festival of Sindhi People.Cheti chand festival is New year day of all Sindhi People and also known as Jhulelal Birthday the patron saint of Sindhis.It is also celebrated by the Sindhi diaspora around the world. According to the Hindu calendar, it is the second day of the month chaitra (i.e. a day after Ugadi and Gudi Padwa), known as Chet in the Sindhi language. Hence it is known as Chet-i-Chand. This year it is celebrated on 8th April.During this Festival People Send Sms ,Greetings,Screps,Wishes.Now a days People use Social sites Very much.Here is put Some Facebook Sms  and Facebook  Picture Sms, so you share and download this sms to your friends,lovers and relatives. 

From the eve of Cheti Chand..
May you shine like a star always,
May you be bright as sun
May you spread light soothing as moonlight
May with the glory of Jhulelal,
You have a wonderful life today and forever .
Happy Cheti Chand

We always thank 2 jhulelal 4 making us:
In short proud 2 be "Sindhi"
Happy Cheti Chand
Jai Jhulelal
Let this Cheti Chand bring peace and 
prosperity in the lives of all 
with the blessings of Lord Varuna.
Always You look beautiful like flowers,
Increment takes place like hike,
in prices
Always u spread sweetness….
Happy Cheti Chand
Koyal Ki Madhur Pukar
Pedo par Lage hai Aam
har Ghar may saji hai gudi
nava varsha ki aayee hai suhani gadi
Cheti Chand Festival Facebook Picture Sms

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