Baisakhi Festival Fair or Vaisakhi Mela

In india fairs are related to our culture and customs.Baisakhi festival is observed in mid April and there are different ways to celebrate Baisakhi. One of the ways to celebrate Baisakhi is to visit the Baisakhi Mela or the Baisakhi Fair. It is the most vibrant and colorful aspect of Baisakhi celebrations. Mainly in Punjab and Haryana, Baisakhi is observed on a large scale among the farmer community. The Baisakhi Fair is held every year to celebrate the crop harvest. People come with their family and friends to participate in fairs from far off places. Most fascinating features of Baisakhi Mela are bhangra and gidda performances. Other activities that enthrall people are races, wrestling bouts, singing and acrobatics. Performance of folk instruments, such as vanjli and algoza is also quite popular.

Baisakhi Fairs are made more beautiful by the stalls of local handicrafts and items like bangles, toys, and other trinkets of domestic use. Food stalls selling scrumptious Punjabi dishes are also the key crowd-puller in the Mela. Baisakhi Fairs at the Talwandi Sabo is famous for its colorful celebrations all over the world. The popularity of the vibrant Baisakhi fair is not only limited to villages of Punjab, Baisakhi melas are equally awaited in the big cities and small towns of the other states in the country.

Baisakhi Fair or Vaisakhi Mela  Countries of World 

Baisakhi Fair or Vaisakhi Mela is not only in the villages of Punjab and Haryana that the colorful Baisakhi mela has gained popularity but they are also equally popular in big tier I cities and towns in Punjab and also across other states in India where is a considerable number of Sikh population.
There is also a huge Sikh diaspora across the globe in various countries, which has made helped make Baisakhi Melas popular abroad as well.
In UK there is a chunk of Sikh population where Vaisakhi fairs are also popular. Baisakhi melas are organized at the Trafalgar Square in London, which also draws people from other communities and religions.
Apart from London, Baisakhi celebrations are also in full swing in Toronto, New York and New Jersey. There are loads of popular Indian cine stars who help to add more excitement to the Baisakhi Fairs abroad.

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